The New American Arts Festival

 September 11 - 18, 2021 

Our theme for 2021:

Cultures on the Margins

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The New American Arts Festival is a 8 - day event that celebrates Diversity and Inclusivity and promotes Racial Equity in the Arts.

This festival will present Artworks by historically under-represented Cultural groups as well as all genres of Art, Artists, and Audience to raise awareness of Colorado’s vibrant diversity.

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-  62 performances. Outdoor and Indoor.

-  Theatre, Dance, Storytelling, Magic, Music, Spoken word, drag, etc
-  Feature presentations by six Cultural groups
- Themed days at the Fletcher Plaza
- Rhythms of the Worlds, a coming together of World Percussions

-  ROSHNI theme song by Jonny 5 of Flobots

-  Fun activities for the whole family

Roshni aspires to promote Empathy through the Arts. We work with those at the margins. Share stories with them, but more importantly, help them share their own stories.

The Festival Schedule


Together We Rise! 



1468 Dayton St. Aurora

International Pavilion at Fletcher Plaza

    Adjacent to the MLK Public Library

Stephen Hahn from Phamaly Theatre, taking us back to where it all began. A storyteller to the core, his disability has only motivated him to make more Art. 
Yvonne Guzman recounting her spirited efforts to connect to her Hispanic roots. How she celebrates her culture, denied to her as a child. How through her songs, she embraces being a proud Hispanic American.  
Abraham Elahmadi describing his inspiration in Bruce Lee that helped him overcome his childhood trauma and choose Art as the best therapy.
Lisa Gough of Phamaly Theatre, sharing her reflections about childhood, life, and thriving as an Artist despite disability
The Eight Cultural groups of NAAF 2021
Deepali, the festival director takes a breath while narrating events that led her to America and to this day, where her vision is coming true. 
Rory S. captured these moments and believes that conversations are important. Then only, we shall understand the extent of our commonality in diversity. 
I Remember. Participants share snapshots of their childhood. Those atypical moments, when you are changed forever and become who you are.

The New American Arts Festival - Where Diversity is Inclusive, is a week-long multicultural event that will showcase multiple genres of live performances by local cultural groups and artists. 


This year's theme is Cultures on the Margins and we are highlighting eight historically marginalized cultural groups, namely African American, Hispanic/Latino, Refugees/Immigrants, People with Disabilities, Seniors, LGBTQ, Jewish Cultural group and people with PTSD or other mental health disorders.  



Deepali Lindblom

Festival Director

Deepali is a professional Dancer Actor Storyteller ( she is also the founder of ROSHNI and its Artistic Director.

Deepali has over 12 years of experience in initiating and executing artistic projects, including festivals in various countries. She is thrilled to be spearheading her first festival in the US. Being from the Himalayas (Darjeeling), she is thrilled to make her home in the Rockies. 

In India, I didn’t dance. In Sweden, I decided to dance. In Canada, I reached the height of a professional dancer. But it was only in the US, I realized the power of dance to empower.


Leif Townsend

Stage Manager

Leif Townsend has a Bachelor's in Communication Arts, Bachelor's in Environment & Sustainability, Western Colorado University.

He is passionate about stage managing and has already staged managed for several theatre companies, including Crested Butte Mountain Theatre, Western Theatre Company, Aurora Fox etc.

He has also been involved in Gunnison Valley Theatre Festival and is thrilled to stage-manage the shows at the New American Arts Festival.


Rory JS

Visual Artist

My name is Rory. I’m a photographer.

I was raised in Texas.


In my mid-twenties I moved to Sweden with my partner, where we stayed for 5 years until I came to Colorado last March.


By trade, I have been a chef for just over twelve years. I’ve since transitioned out of kitchens and explored all kinds of paths - all of which lead me back to my interest in photography.


Julie Whalen

Senior Outreach

Julie founded Time4Tap, a senior dance group in Aurora. She also choreographs and performs for several senior groups including performing for the Denver Nuggets. 

As a child, I shied away from dancing but in high school, I got the opportunity to choreograph and perform in West Side Story. Though it is one of my most cherished memories, I didn't start dancing again until I was 41 years and at 52, I started tap dancing and started Time4Tap. Through it, my goal is to help other seniors reawaken their buried aspirations and expressions through Art. I am delighted to be a part of NAAF and hopefully inspire other seniors.

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Office of International and Immigrant Af
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By Rory JS


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