May 15-17, 2020 • Aurora Arts District


A Celebration of Diversity and Inclusivity in the Coloradan Arts Scene

3 Days

6 Venues

100s of Artists

Infinite Possibilities

Free and Open to the Public


Proudly presents

the 1st edition of

three-day event that celebrates Diversity and Inclusivity. This festival will bring together all genres of Art, Artists, and Audience to raise awareness of Colorado’s vibrant diversity.

-  80 performances at 6 venues within walking distance
-  Theatre, dance, comedy, music, puppetry, workshops, etc
-  A flash mob with 100 dancers during the Colfax marathon.
-  A dance-Dj event on Sat, 16 May at 7 - 10 pm 
-  Ted-Talk style presentations

-  A Poet-Tree by Lighthouse Writers Workshop 
-  Family-friendly activities and food trucks.

Roshni's mandate is to work with those at the margins. Share stories with them, but more importantly, help them share their own stories

The People's Building
Red Delicious Press
Vintage Theatre

1405 Florence St.

ACAD Building

International Pavilion at Fletcher Plaza

    Adjacent to the MLK Public Library





Deepali Lindblom

Festival Director

Deepali is a professional Dancer Actor Storyteller ( she is also the founder of ROSHNI and its Artistic Director.

Deepali has over 12 years of experience in initiating and executing artistic projects, including festivals in various countries. She is thrilled to be spearheading her first festival in the US. Being from the Himalayas (Darjeeling), she is thrilled to make her home in the Rockies. 

In India, I didn’t dance. In Sweden, I decided to dance. In Canada, I reached the height of a professional dancer. But it was only in the US, I realized the power of dance to empower.

Screenshot 2020-02-09 18.05.27.png

Alex Romberg

Outreach and Marketing, Graphic Designer

Alex has an MFA in Theatre Directing, from East 15 Acting School in London. Alex spent 2 years on the sound crew at Chicago Shakespeare Theatre. Alex has also worked/studied in Barcelona, Moscow, Bali, and Edinburgh. She is the founder of the Bewilderness Theatre Company (

When we stay enclosed in our bubbles, our ideas and solutions to local problems become less creative. However, when we give ourselves the chance to form new connections and be opened up to alternate perspectives, we can walk away feeling enriched."


Anthony Le

Youth Artist Outreach

Anthony is of mixed Vietnamese and Italian ancestry. He is born and raised in Aurora and grew up studying the hip hop art-from “Breaking”. He’s competed and toured for two year. Besides teaching and performing, he is also a member of Roshni Dance Ensemble. 

Aurora is multicultural and I hope that NAAF can be a celebration of our unique and vibrant diversity and identity. Being born and raised here, I am proud to be an Aurorite and I hope that NAAF brings people together in celebrating our community spirit. By expanding our cultural horizons, we learn from each other, become better artists and members of our community.


Jaime Lewis

Outreach for all abilities Artist

Jaime is an artist with physical disability. He has had the privilege to work in several art disciplines, including visual, theatre, musical, improv, and dance arts. He has performed for Phamaly theatre and in MMfU. He is excited to be part of NAAF team.

This festival intends to break down cultural barriers to show how vibrant and varied our community is. The opportunity to learn from each other's artistic and cultural differences, and to grow from those differences, will help us develop closer ties that can lead to positive change.


Julie Whalen

Senior Outreach

Julie founded Time4Tap, a senior dance group in Aurora. She also choreographs and performs for several senior groups including performing for the Denver Nuggets. 

As a child, I shied away from dancing but in high school, I got the opportunity to choreograph and perform in West Side Story. Though it is one of my most cherished memories, I didn't start dancing again until I was 41 years and at 52, I started tap dancing and started Time4Tap. Through it, my goal is to help other seniors reawaken their buried aspirations and expressions through Art. I am delighted to be a part of NAAF and hopefully inspire other seniors.

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